Garden Festival Vision


To encourage and achieve Green space of 30 Sq mts per head and 33% of green landscape coverage in Urban cities of newly formed Andhra Pradesh state.

Objective: To inculcate in the gardeners use of less water, protect natural vegetation, promote bio-diversity, use of native/naturalized species, optimize energy efficiency, efficient waste management, use of eco-friendly material and provide healthier, recreational and inspirational spaces for community.

The Department of Horticulture, Department of Forest, A.P Urban Greening and Beautification Corporation Ltd. works to create and sustain an environment, conducive to the development of Andhra Pradesh. Partnering with Industries, Governments, Civil Societies by conducting landscape and ornamental gardening events towards greener smart cities.

Aim: To create a good landscape and ornamental garden rating system and to judge the garden in an unbiased method.

Scope: Participation in the event gives a platform for the display of green landscapes in the residential areas, education institutions, corporate offices for the green building concept. In real estate business to raise the property values in the vicinity of green spaces and reduce the impact of heat. During the period, the institutions and individuals are requested to illuminate their garden keep them clean and maintain well. Best gardens will be adjudged and prizes will be declared.

The Department of Horticulture, Department of Forest A.P Urban Greening and Beautification Corporation Ltd , A.P Capital Region Development Authority (Parks Division), V.M.C ,Guntur Municipal corporation, N.G.O’s have very important role in greenery development and its maintanance. Their contribution is immense.

Future Objective: All State, Central Govt. Institutions, Industries ,Property developers, Educational Institutions, I.T Parks,Resorts, colony Associations, Individuals, plant lovers, gardeners , malies, malans, nurserymen, landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors should put efforts to make the New Capital Amaravati as Model Green Smart City.


Category – I Individual Garden

  1. Garden above 500sq.yards
  2. Garden below 500 sq.yards
  3. Container (pot)garden above 100pots
  4. Container (pot)garden below 100pots
  5. Roof garden – Kitchen
  6. Roof garden – Ornamental
  7. Kitchen garden
  8. Farm Houses
  9. Guest Houses
  10. Seasonal flower garden

Category – II Central Government

  1. Offices
  2. Guest Houses

Category – III Garden maintained by State Government

  1. Government Offices
  2. Government Residentials
  3. Government Institutions
  4. Road median above 2 mtrs width
  5. Road median below 2 mtrs width
  6. Government Parks
  7. Road Islands

Category – IV Private Institutions

  1. Hotels
  2. Shopping malls
  3. Showrooms
  4. Marriage function halls
  5. Schools
  6. Collages
  7. Universities
  8. Companies above 1 acre
  9. Companies below 1 acre
  10. Mahaprasthanam above 1 acre
  11. Mahaprasthanam below 1 acre
  12. Old age Home/ Trust above 1 acre
  13. Old age Home/ Trust below 1 acre
  14. Hospitals
  15. Seasonal Flower gardens
  16. Residential Towers
  17. Colony Parks
  18. Play fields
  19. Nursery above 1acre
  20. Nursery below 1acre
  21. Landscape contractor for the year